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21 January 2016 Minutes of General meeting

Meeting opened by Marion Wilson 7:01pm

Timed Business

Sarah Lyons for Hamilton House gave a talk and presentation with the aid of a PowerPoint on the topic of “Why teachers are leaving the profession” – Chris Barton to circulate the presentation to all association members via email.

  1. Minutes of the meeting on 25 November as previously circulated via email to all members – True record – agreed.
  2. Matters arising
  3. Apologies – John Pickard – Marion Wilson to forward names to Chris Barton in order to complete.
  4. Reports – a) Calais Appeal, b) Junior Doctors Strike – Marion Wilson thanked Jon Woollard for his reports on behalf of the association. Marion Wilson also described her own actions in support of the junior doctors strike c) National Assembly of Women – Marion Wilson thanked association members for their support.
  5. Prioritisation of Motions for Conference – Marion invited those present at the meeting to consider the following motions 1, 6, 8, 12,13, 15, 20,36, 46, 73,75 and went on to explain that we could vote for six plus one from the Equality Conference section from the following motions 53,54,55. Marion Wilson invited the members at the meeting to consider other motions. Time was then given to decide via a ballot. The final six are 6,8,39,13,20,75 and 53 from the Equality Conference section.
  6. Annual Conference delegates to Brighton – Easter 25 to 29 March 2016 are Helen Davenport, Jon Woollard and Chris Barton. Travel expenses are paid at second class rail fare even if you drive.
  7. TUC week of action Marion Wilson described the week of action as follows week beginning 8th February on the 9th Frances O’ Grady at 12:45 in The Big Workplace meeting is being streamed live  over the internet as a Q&A session which can be viewed on multiple platforms including smart phone, tablet. Marion suggested that members might want to watch as a group session on a big screen via a multimedia projector. To do so, go to

Saturday 13 February members present at the meeting were asked if they could distribute leaflets near where they lived. Marion Wilson circulated a list of locations for members to sign up to. T Shirts are available. All material needed will be sent via post prior to the day.

  1. NUT courses – The course book is now in schools and members are reminded that to attend a course and claim travel expenses back from the association please could they contact Heather Drake the treasurer via email so that she is aware and can advise if unsure what the association will support you with financially. Her email address is
  2. AOB – Marion asked for views about the current venue – The Orange Tree pub Chelmsford as a place to hold future meetings. The venue since it has been refurbished has become very noisy now that the Pub has gone over to an open plan interior. The AGM meeting to be held 16 March is scheduled to be held at the Orange Tree. If the noise levels from the rest of the venue prove to be inappropriate we may need to consider a change. Marion went on to explain the issues with alternative venues.  Jon Woollard raised the following 2 items has described here and asked for support.

# Reinstate Simon – Mid Essex Association demonstrate support and solidarity for

Simon O Hara.

Meeting closed at 8:10 pm

Chris Barton


Next Meeting is on 16 March 2016

Speakers Rob Howlett and Chris Barton to give a presentation on the following topic

“We do not BACC the EBACC – Eight reasons to say no”






Next meeting: Monday December 10, 7pm All welcome