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School Reps


All school reps are invited to all meetings of the Association.

NUT priority campaigns for 2016-17.

See details by following this link.

Please note the information on courses for reps training this term.


Forthcoming one day courses

Employment Law 25 April 2017

Belfry Hotel, Cambridgeshire This course aims to give reps an introduction to the framework of  statutory, contract and other law that surrounds our rights and  entitlements at work. As rep, it will help you to: Approach employment law from a trade union perspective Understand the basics of employment law including employment status,  statutory entitlements and employment rights Know how what constitutes a contract of employment and how it can be varied Understand equality legislation and recognise discrimination Support members with atypical work patterns Understand and identify the various forms of dismissal and other ways  the employment relationship is ended Understand how knowledge of employment law can help you represent  members more effectively and build the presence of the Union in your  workplace.


TUC courses: Seven reps’ courses for dealing with illness at work

Are you a currently:

  •         Dealing with a member who is affected by cancer?
  •          Involved in a mental health issue in the workplace?
  •         In the process of reviewing your sickness policy
  •         A health and safety rep?
  •         Attending a reps’ sickness course?

If so, don’t go any further until you’ve had a look at these essential resources at:

  • New – Cancer in the workplace
  • New – Mental health in the workplace
  • New – Health and safety and organising
  • Pregnancy and maternity discrimination
  • Fit for work
  • The sick note
  • Work related upper limb disorders

Coming soon:

§  TUC Health and safety 1 – online version (end of April 2017)

For more information check out:


Accommodation is available if you require it and all travel,  subsistence and accommodation costs are covered by the NUT. Representatives have a statutory entitlement to time off with pay for  training related to their role. Section 2 of the ACAS guide to Time  Off for Trade Union Duties and Activities covers this in more detail.. Caring responsibilities If you feel that you are prevented from attending this course due to  caring commitments for a child or relative, please contact us on 01638  555300 to discuss how we can assist and support you. Demand is high for these courses, and places will be allocated on a  first come first served basis. Once you have registered, we will send you a letter which you can use  to discuss leave with your Head Teacher. Alternatively, if you are unable to attend this course, but would like  to attend a future course please let us know.

If you have any queries,  please do not hesitate to contact the Regional Office on 01638 555 300.

Best wishes

Alan Warner  Principal Officer

Equality information

Teaching attracts a wide range of people and as such is a very diverse  profession. It is important that you register your equality details  with us so that we can continue to provide the appropriate support,  guidance and opportunities for all of our members. If you’ve not already done so, please update your details here and  encourage members in your school to do the same.

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Contact Details:

Telephone 01638 555 300

Fax 01638 555 330


On-line reporting tool.

There is also now an online reporting tool for school reps which can be used to check the current list of members in a school.

You can access this list by going to You will need your membership number and bank account number for security.

You will not be able to download this but can check who are currently members.
NUT School Representative booklet
NUT reps play a vital role in the structure of the union and are central to its continued success as the largest teacher’s union. The role of NUT rep is enormously rewarding, and many of the skills are transferable to professional life.
This guide aims to set out some of the activities a NUT rep can get involved in. A rep should look to involve other members in activity, not only to share workload, but also to increase the sense of a collective presence and improve the Union’s effectiveness in the workplace. By acting together at work we can make a difference to the issues that are of importance to teachers.
A printed version of this booklet accompanies the NUT school representative credentials. To download the PDF version please click here:

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