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NUT priority campaigns

The NUT executive has agreed to some campaigning steps on three priority campaigns on assessment, funding and workload – these build on some things already agreed previously.

In addition to these campaigns the Union will continue to respond to external events, including highlighting problems with teacher recruitment, work with others to opposes forced academisation and the expansion of grammar schools, and work to ensure buy-in to facilities arrangements from academies and MATs.

We are working on plan to develop these campaigns locally and aim to organising some activities, which can engage members and the general public.

If you have any suggestions or would like to volunteer for any particular campaign or aspect of a campaign, please do let us know.


i) continue to build an alliance with other unions, parents and education professional to develop an alternative to the current system

ii) organise a major conference on this issue in London on December 3rd.

iii) develop local networks of heads, teachers and parents to take this campaign forward

iv) work with ATL and NAHT to carry out an indicative ballot of leadership group members for a boycott this term, with a full ballot next term – this would be complemented by our own internal ballot of primary members.



i) launch a website to identify local and school level cuts and developing our alliance with parents

ii) establish a media strategy aimed at highlighting the effects of the cuts – class sizes, staff cuts etc.

iii)  establish our demands around funding and aim to win parental and public support

iv) organise major rallies on cuts and funding around the country in the period before the autumn statement

v) use the existing ballot to escalate to strike action at school and local level

vi) authorise further strike action at an appropriate time, to include member in Sixth Form Colleges after a ballot

vii) approach the BMA to discuss ways in which the NUT can offer support to junior doctors and possible   coordination with them of any strike action we may call.


i) encourage school groups, associations and divisions to use the revised ASOS guidelines to win changes at school and local level

ii) target a number of divisions where we can seek to win real changes across an LA through threat of industrial action, with concerted support from HQ and regional offices

iii)  seek ways of collecting school by school information on successful campaigns.


i) we are contacting members in the leadership group in primary schools and aim to call a meeting, possibly in     conjunction with the NAHT locally

ii) we aim to set up a campaign committee to take the SATs campaign forward locally

iii) we want to start organising street stalls and petitioning on SATs and funding

iv) we should consider a series of education meetings around the borough on the que with MPs and local councillors (we have been in contact with Angela Rayner about possibly speaking at an event.)

v) we will continue to work with school groups on workload issues

vi) we will identify a date for Reps training after October half-term.

Next meeting: Monday December 10, 7pm All welcome