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January 2017 general meeting MINUTES

General Meeting of the Mid Essex Association

23 January 2017


Start: 7.10pm

  1. Minutes of the meeting on 21 November 2016 (previously circulated – Agreed and seconded by Helen Davenport and Rob Howlett
  2. Matters arising – None raised
  3. Apologies – Graham Dexter – MW to forward
  4. Reports: Eastern Region Women’s Conference Maria Polo’s feedback along with comments from two other association members gave a very detailed picture of the conference held at the Cambridge Belfry. All were thoroughly impressed by the workshops, network opportunity and the discussions that took place. A closed Facebook group has been set up and can be found via Essex NUT Women’s Network Group. It was suggested that they may hold a public event on 1st February 2017 – details can be found via Facebook.
  5. Delegates to the Annual Conference in Cardiff at Easter – The association are entitled to 7 places at this year’s conference currently we have taken up 5 of the 7 places available.  A last request was made at the meeting for members to take up the remaining two places. Those present decide not to take up the offer.
  6. Prioritisation of motions for Conference – Ten minutes was allocated to considering the following motions (5,9,10,12,13,18,32,36,37,49,51,69,73,78)  suggested, by the Association Committee –  Marion Wilson described the process by which  6 motions had to be chosen, how to choose other motions plus one from  52,53 or 54 . A ballot took place and the final selection was made once a show of hands had taken place due to a tie between motions 9 and 37. Two votes were needed to decide. The members opting eventually for 9, 5, 13, 32, 49, 73 and 52 to be carried forward.
  7. LGBT conference 29/30 April 2017 in Nottingham – Chris Evans to attend as a delegate
  8. Nominations for Mid Essex officers for 2017 – A request was made by John Pickard and Marion Wilson to consider roles within the committee. A new Minuting Secretary was requested along with a role for a Case Worker. All positions are now filled. It was explained that balloting for various positions was very expensive (upwards of £900) and time consuming. It was agreed that a better use of Association money for other supportive activities would be a wiser choice.
  9. AOB – John Pickard raised the issue of how important it was to get members to participate in the ballot to amalgamate the NUT with ATL as agreed at the Special Conference held in London, November 2016. A yes vote was called for. Information: March and rally in support of the NHS and Social Care on 4th March Meet at Tavistock Square at Midday and then march to Parliament supported by many trade unions including the NUT. In addition action to be taken by Rail… – Marion a my notes are unclear here

Meeting closed 7.53pm

Timed Business was delivered by Chris Barton and Rob Howlett opened a discussion about the work carried out as school representatives and invited the member to share experiences.

Next Meeting 6th March 2017 and is the AGM

Andrew Baisley of Hamilton House will talk about the Governments school funding policy and will check out what your school is losing. Are there any winners?

Next meeting: Monday December 10, 7pm All welcome