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JUNE 2017 minutes of general meeting of association

Mid Essex Association Meeting

Orange Tree Pub

7.00 pm, Monday 19 June 2017



Meeting started: 7.04pm

  1. Apologies:

None received prior to the meeting (

  1. Minutes of last Association meeting

Agreed and seconded during the meeting

  1. Matters Arising

A new venue to hold meetings to be sourced, Helen Davenport to research and report back. Hamptons mentioned along with Chelmsford Rugby Club as a possibility

Chris Barton raised that:

The venue (Orange Tree) was in fact very quiet on the night so we could have gone ahead with Louise Regan for the meeting. However it is impossible to predict the noise levels before hand

  1. Autumn Term Meeting – General Meeting suggestions from Association members. See suggestions made via the network sessions* Chris Barton to rebook Louise Regan.

Dates: September 2017

Topic: To be decided by the current issues nearer the agreed date

Speaker: Louise Regan President of the NEU (NUT Section)

  1. Reports – Annual Conference, NAW, Essex Training Weekend

All reports distributed prior to the meeting by email to the association membership.

Marion Wilson fed back on the NAW conference.

  1. Post-Election feedback

Chris Barton fed back the position for the union with regards to the governments reduced majority and potentially. The union where pleased with the campaign that they ran and the prominence it received during the election period.

  1. AOB

Meeting concluded: 8.20pm

Timed Business Update

The Association booked Louise Regan President of the NUT to speak.

Due to other events held at the Orange Tree it was felt that we would postpone until another time.

*General networking and discussion opportunity

Suggestions made at the meeting

General meeting

Topic                                                                                                   Speaker
New union                                                                                           Mary Bousted
Teaching for inclusion in the age of austerity
Security protocols in schools
Prevent/ dialogue to keep ethnic minorities safe)                 Kevin Courtney
Workload)                                                                                           Louise Regan
Mental Health of staff)                                               (not specified for which topic)
Budget ,National                                             An ATL  member to explain their point

Annual Reps meeting

Redundancy + how to support colleagues                             Jerry Glazier
Rights at work
Legal rights
Practical scenarios dealing with management           Leader of rights courses
other courses from the Region

Rights at work/legal rights/dealing with management
Training advice and support
NQT only workshops so they can build a network
Send Reps to the various ITT so they can have experience and understanding of the benefits (Can we do this?)


The Chelmsford Rugby club was suggested I have been in touch by phone and email but have not got very far
Helen how are you getting on with the Chelmsford City Football club?

Suggestions collated by
Marion Wilson

Timed Business

Next meeting: Chris Barton to contact Mary Bousted as a guest speaker for the next Association meeting, to be scheduled for November 2017, final date to be agreed.

Minutes: Chris Barton and Marion Wilson








Next meeting: Monday December 10, 7pm All welcome