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Picture Gallery

Left to right: James, Helen, Louise, Heather, John

Six of the delegates to the Harrogate Conference, left to right: James, Helen, Louise, Marion, Heather and John

Rob Howlett

Rob Howlett of Plume School is presented with the regional ‘School Rep of the Year’ award by Jerry Glazier at the Association AGM in March

Rep of the year

At Harrogate there was a display of all the ‘Rep of the Year’ awards region by region. This is the citation for our very own Rob Howlett, Rep of the Year for our Region

Conference in Harrogate 2015

Newly-installed president, Philipa Harvey, addresses delegates. Philipa is a serving primary school teacher

Louise and Helen

Louise Oakden and Helen Davenport at Harrogate conference

Hands up for education

Hands Up for Education. The central foyet of the Harrogate International Centre for NUT conference

James and Marion

James and Marion at Harrogate conference

The meeting on Monday July 9th, 7pm All members welcome