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Minutes May 9, 2016


General Meeting of the Mid Essex Association

Monday 9 May 2016

Start: 7:03 pm

Junior Doctor Address

We had a very informative and well received address from our guest speaker who explained clearly the issues currently associated with the junior doctors’ dispute and the personal/professional implications for her and her colleagues, many of which echoed the current issues faced by the teaching profession.

She was thanked on behalf of the Association by John Pickard  She was from Broomfield hospital and  was asked to convey our good wishes to her colleagues at both Basildon hospital and Brentwood Community hospital


  1. Minutes of the meeting on 21 January (previously circulated) agreed by Jon Woollard and seconded by Helen Davenport as a true record.
  2. Matters arising – None raised
  3. Apologies – Mary-Jo Playford, Jean Campbell, Sue Kortland, M. Ali, Ava Quilter
  4. Reports: Annual Conference –Previously circulated Delegates added their personal comments.
  5. International Solidarity – James Walker highlighted issues that were having a very profound effect on teachers working in Malawi with regards to pay, promotions and impending strike action. His feedback echoed some of the issues faced currently by teachers here in the UK. Report Circulated to members
  6. Alternative Meeting Venue – Marion Wilson requested from members present if they could suggest alternative venues to the Orange Tree Pub for association members to meet. Following recent structural changes to the venue it was now felt that the pub was no longer suitable because of the noise factor. Chris Barton to circulate an email to members for suggestions.
  7. a) AOB A photograph of association members holding a message of support for Junior Doctors. b) Marion Wilson – handed out leaflet Education White Paper – A threat to education and our pay and conditions for member to circulate and publicise the issues that will eventually lead to the national ballot for strike action. Leaflets to be given out June 11th 2016 as at various venues. List distributed for members to sign up. John Pickard to coordinate action. c) Chelmsford TUC are holding a meeting with speakers for and against the EU on 24 May at Christ Church Inn Chelmsford. (Meeting subsequently cancelled)

Meeting Closed 7:37pm

Timed Business

Jerry Glazier, Essex Secretary, talked about the implications of the Education White Paper supported by an updated PowerPoint presentation in light of the government U turn announced in the previous week prior to the association meeting. A very useful and informative Q&A followed. The emphasis suggested by Jerry – that the government will still push through the academies programme regardless. Members must turn out and vote in the forthcoming ballot for strike action. Chris Barton will circulate the presentation that Jerry gave to members for information and guidance.


Next Meeting to take place on 27 June 2016

(Above meeting rescheduled for September 19 2016)

The National President, Anne Swift will address the Association.





Next meeting: Monday December 10, 7pm All welcome