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Minutes of Association Meeting November 2016

These are PROVISIONAL MINUTES, to be verified at the next meeting in January 2017.

General Meeting of the Mid Essex Association

21 November 2016


Start 7:02 pm

  1. Minutes of the meeting on 19 September ( Previously circulated) (MW to advise CBs – notes not clear)
  2. Matters arising: Essex training weekend postponed to 2017
  3. Apologies – (Marion Wilson to add here)
  4. Reports A) Retired Teachers Convention, B) Special NUT  Conference( both previously circulated ) Jon Woollard  relayed  that he was impressed with the pace of decision making and conclusions  reached at the Special Conference held on November 5th 2016. Marion Wilson asked Jerry Glazier (guest speaker) if the electronic voting system used will be in use at the annual conference as it worked so well at the Special Conference. Jerry Glazier said that it would. A nationwide ballot will take place at the end of February 2017 with regards to the motions agreed at the conference held in November 2016.
  5. Delegates to the Annual conference in Cardiff 2017– 7 delegate places are available – names were requested by Marion Wilson. Confirmed so far are: 1. Marion Wilson, 2. Heather Drake, 3. Helen Davenport and Chris Barton (TBC). An email to all members will be sent in order to fill the remaining allocation. Please see note about hotel booking below.
  6. New regulations Re: expenses and care allowance – Heather Drake explained the new arrangements for conference expenses (food and drink) as well as other matters such as claiming meeting expenses for example Care Allowance. This has been brought about due to changes in the way HM revenue tax regulations now work and what the NUT has to comply with. Further details are available from Heather Drake who is the treasurer for the Mid Essex NUT Association.
  7. AOB John Pickard highlighted the up and coming production presented by Chelmsford TUC of “ The Great Teachers Strike” to be held at Christ Church, New London Road, Chelmsford on 28 November – doors open 6:30pm show starting at 7pm. Tickets £16/ £5 concessions. Mid Essex NUT is one of the co-sponsors. Welcome packs for NQT members were distributed with advice from Marion Wilson. More on request, distribution of physical post has changed due largely in the changes to the internal postal system that now no longer operates across Essex as operated by Essex CC. Pauline Price is away until January 2017. Please see additional note below. Heather Drake distributed expenses cheques to various members present at the General Meeting -21/11/16.

Please note: Next year the conference is in Cardiff and schools are starting back on the Tuesday after Easter Monday which may mean leaving Monday evening if you are unable to secure time off school. Additionally please note, if we make a firm booking for as a delegate and then you are unable to go and we cannot find a replacement, you may be liable for the hotel bill.

Please additional  note: Pauline Price is away until January 2017 so Primary school members in Chelmsford and surrounding areas needing help and advice should contact Eric Charlton – Tel: 07986 629536 and those in and around Brentwood contact John Pickard – Tel:07772 515377

Finish 8.05pm

Timed Business

Jerry Glazier, National Executive member gave a two part talk on

  1. No to KS1 and KS2 testing

Jerry explained and expanded on the campaign led by the NUT – a summary of which can be found following the link below.

ASOS – Action short of strike action – Work load dos and don’ts

Jerry went on to talk about and take questions on Action short of Strike action.

In particular he referred to the latest guidance which he would like members to read- please follow this link



Chris Barton

Mid Essex NUT








The meeting on Monday July 9th, 7pm All members welcome