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Minutes of Association meeting, September 2016

General Meeting of the Mid Essex Association

19 September 2016


Meeting opened: 6:33pm

John Pickard opened the meeting and welcomed new reps and NUT President Anne Swift 29 members present

  1. Minutes of the meeting on 9 May (previously circulated)

Helen Davenport confirmed minutes as a true record Jon Woollard seconded

  1. Matters arising June meeting postponed due to clash with England football match Euro 2016

No matters arising

  1. Apologies

Chris Evans, Amy Quilter , Amy Neill, Nicola Forster, Corin Evans

  1. Reports a) National Education conference, b) NAW meeting

Reports were previously circulated: a) National Education conference was a useful, informative and valuable conference; b) NAW meeting Marion Wilson fed back and would like to attend the national seminar. This was agreed.

  1. NQTS what should we do and when? Rob Howlett

Rob Howlett asked for ideas for NQT welcome meeting. Earlier time was suggested. Anne Swift suggested useful merchandise.

  1. Delegates to the special conference 5 November in London

Jon Woollard, Marion Wilson, Chris Barton, John Pickard and Heather Drake

  1. Essex training weekend on November 18/20 at the Best Western Hotel – 2 delegate spaces available

Helena Graham and Terry Warren volunteered (Chelmsford Girls H.S.)

  1. Alternative Meeting Venue

Marion Wilson fed back on alternative locations, venues and facilities. The current meeting venue despite issues with noise still seems to be the most appropriate. Screens have been investigated but were not available for this meeting.

  1. AOB Indicated to the President before meeting

Conference – Marion Wilson requested names to be confirmed for the meeting in November. If delegates pull out they will be liable for the cost of the hotel room unless we can find a substitute. See following notes.

  1. Hotels for conference are now asking for firm bookings much earlier. This means we will have to decide on our delegates at the November meeting. 2017 the conference is at Cardiff and schools are starting back on the Tuesday after Easter Monday which may mean leaving Monday evening if you cannot get time off.

Please note, if we make a firm booking, you may be liable for the hotel bill.

Silent Auction – Sealed bids were invited for a very useful black bag on wheels. Highest bidder wins the bag. All proceeds to TBF. This was won by John Pickard

Information currently in schools includes:

  1. Leaflets and briefings about recruiting new members including schools Direct and Teach First
  2. Joint advice (from NUT,ATL,NAHT,ASCL,Voice) about School teachers Pay 2016/17. Letters sent to headteachers and Chair of Governors

Meeting closed: 7:32pm

Timed Business

National President, Anne Swift talked about; The NUT, What Next ?

Anne Swift gave a very informative address outlining the issues facing the future of the NUT in the medium and long term. She outlined how the talks were progressing with ATL and how the structure of the new union would operate. The NUT will change its name to reflect the merger and any concerns were outlined and addressed during her talk.

The talk was received warmly and the Q and A session addressed issues raised by association members present. John Pickard thanked Anne Swift, followed by an enthusiastic round of applause.


Rob Howlett – Standing in for Chris Barton

Next meeting: Monday December 10, 7pm All welcome