The premier union for teachers in England and Wales.


ACAS = Advisory, Conciliation and Arbitration Service

APT&C = Administrative, Professional, Technical and Clerical

ASCL = Association of School and College Leaders

ATL = Association of Teachers and Lecturers

CAF = Childrens Assessment Framework

Caveat emptor = Latin: Let the buyer beware

CCPR = Central Council of Physical Recreation

CYPDJCF = Children and young Peoples Directorate Joint Consultative Forum

CYWU = Community and Youth Workers’ Union

DCSF = Department for Children, Schools and Families (formerly DfES)

DfES = Department for Education and Skills

EDP = Education Development Plan

EFL = English as a Foreign Language

ESL = English as a Second Language

FBU = Fire Brigade Union

FSS = Formula Spending Share (replaced SSA = Standard Spending Assessment)

GASH = Gloucestershire Association of Secondary Headteachers

GM = Genetically Modified

GMB = General, Municipal Boilermakers – union representing council manual workers

HMI = Her Majesty’s Inspector of Schools

HSE = Health and Safety Executive

ICT = Information Computer Technology

INSET = In-Service Training

JUCC = Joint Union Consultative Committee – once upon a time an important negotiating body with the LEA

KS1 = Key Stage 1

KS2 = Key Stage 2

LA = Local Authority

LMS = Local Management of Schools

LRD = Labour Research Department (a TUC-sponsored organisation)

NAEIAC = National Association of Educational Inspectors, Advisors and Consultants

NAHT = National Association of Headteachers

NASUWT = National Association of Schoolmasters/Union of Women Teachers

NATFHE = National Association of Teachers in Further and Higher Education

NC = National Curriculum

NUT = National Union of Teachers

OFSTED = Office for Standards in Education

PDF = Portable Document File

QCA = Qualifications & Curriculum Authority (a DfES quango)

QUANGO = Quasi-Autonomous Non-Government Organisation

SACRE = Standing Advisory Committee for Religious Education

SARS = Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome

SEN = Special Education Needs

STPRB = Schoolteachers’ Pay Review Body

TAAG = Teacher Appraisal Advisory Group

TACP = Teachers’ Advisory Consultative Panel – see JCPTA

TGWU = Transport and General Workers’ Union

TSN = Teacher Support Network (formerly TBF – Teachers’ Benevolent Fund)

UNISON = Union for local government employees

WAMG = Workforce Agreement Monitoring Group

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