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Provisional Minutes of AGM, March 16, 2016

[These minutes are provisional, in that they need to be endorsed as a true record at the Annual General Meeting in March 2017]

Minutes of Annual General Meeting16th March 2016

Held in the Orange Tree Public House, Chelmsford

21members present.

Meeting opened at 7.06pm, Chair, John Pickard welcomed members and introduced the purpose of the meeting

  1. The minutes of the AGM of March 16th 2015 had been circulated. These were agreed as a correct record of the meeting. No matters arising
  2. Matters arising – None raised
  3. Apologies for absence :Jan Wallace, John and Pauline Bowers, Ian Grant, Jon Levitt, Eric and Sue Charlton, Clive Wilton, Mr. Ali , Jane Bowden
  4. Resolution: “ That the Mid Essex Association appoints an Assistant General Secretary at the 2017 AGM with immediate effect” Proposed by Marion Wilson , seconded by Helen Davenport . Agreed unanimously by all present at the meeting.
  5. Nomination for the National General Secretary – Marion Wilson proposed we nominate Kevin Courtney – seconded by Chris Evans and agreed unanimously
  6. Reports
    1. Secretary’s Report had been previously circulated and will be put on the website
    2. Treasurer’s report. Heather Drake presented written details of the association accounts, with additional comments. The accounts were moved, seconded and agreed
      1. As part of the report, Heather outlined our current affiliations and it was agreed to re-affiliate as follows to NPC, Trades Council and the National Assembly for Women.
      2. In addition all delegates booked into the ‘division’ hotel had their accommodation paid, other expenses being no more than second class rail fare and a daily allowance of £45. Moved by Helen Davenport  and seconded by Rob Howlett that the  treasurer’s report was accepted

Honoraria. Honoraria Paid for previous years’ service and the proposed Honoraria for 2016.

  2015 Proposals for 2016
Secretary £2200 £2200
Membership secretary £50
Minuting secretary £250 (2years) £125
Treasurer £1250 £1250
Caseworker £1600 £1650 /2 (6months)
Website £125
Young Teachers   £125
Total £5300 £4700

Proposed amount of Honoria and people receiving it

Secretary M.Wilson £2200
Membership secretary M. Wilson £50
Minutes’ secretary C. Barton £125
Treasurer H. Drake £1250
Caseworker J. Pickard £275
Caseworker E. Charlton £275
Caseworker P. Price £275
Website J Pickard £125
Young Teachers R Howlett £125
Total £4700
  1. Heather Drake made a proposal on the new honoraria for the coming year were as outlined in the table in the Treasurer’s report, being £2200 for the secretary, £1250 for treasurer, £275 for each caseworker for the 6 months they have done, £125 for minutes secretary, £125 for the Young Teacher Officer, £125 for the website operator and £50 for the membership secretary These were moved by John Pickard, seconded by Carl Moller and agreed.  Please note there was no increase over last year,  however deductions will be made at Hamilton House for NI and Income Tax and a charge will be made for this by NUT HQ.
  2. Auditors. Carl Moller moved to accept the auditor’s report, seconded by Chris Evans        , and agreed
  3. Caseworkers report had been previously circulated.  Pauline Price added comments  on  the current case-work  in primary schools she is working with and John Pickard summarised issues with redundancies- The workload is at “ unprecedented levels”
  4. Installation of President – John Pickard continued as President and said a few words about the current educational situation
  5. Conferences: Chris Evans, Heather Drake, and Helen Davenport to go to Supply teachers conference on 25 June 2016 Hamilton House

Linda Loy  Chris Evans and Sally Rainbird booked for National Education conference on 1 – 3 July at Stoke Rochford “ Beyond the Exam Factory  Please keep Heather Drake informed of any courses and conferences  if you wish to claim travel expenses.

Election of officers

Secretary: Marion Wilson

Treasurer: Heather Drake

Case-workers: John Pickard, Pauline Price and Eric Charlton

Minute’s secretary: Chris Barton

Auditors: Ian Grant and Elaine Jeater

Young Teacher Officer: Rob Howlett

Equal Opportunities Rep: Chris Barton Membership Secretary: Rob Howlett

Delegates to Division– President, Secretary, Treasurer, Equality Officer, Young Teacher Officer, Helen Davenport and Chris Evans

  1. Any Other Business Chris Evans  raised briefly that he attended the recent NUT/ATL joint conference in Cambridge in March 2016

AGM business concluded.

  1. Timed Business

Following the conclusion of the AGM agenda, Chris Barton and Rob Howlett gave a presentation entitled “We do not BACC the EBACC” The presentation will be circulated to all members of the association that were unable to attend. Marion Wilson and John Pickard thanked CB and RH for speaking

Meeting ended at 8.25pm

Minutes – Chris Barton



The meeting on Monday July 9th, 7pm All members welcome