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Secretary’s Report 2017 AGM

Secretary’s Report to the AGM 2017

This is my final report  as Secretary after ???? years. I  am delighted that Chris Barton will be taking over.
I am sure he will do an excellent job and I hope he doesn’t find it too much of a burden alongside his teaching commitments

Yet again we took to the streets in Chelmsford, Brentwood , Maldon and Billericay to canvas about the Education Bill, the reasons why teachers were taking strike action
My thanks to all who have given up their time to do this

Meetings There were our usual 4 General Meetings, the AGM and a School  Reps meeting . We heard Jerry Glazier tells us why even if your school was already an academy we should be fighting the Education bill (and later in the year  reminded us of what teachers should and should not be doing), why we should say no to KS1 and KS2, the day in the life of a Rep and then the President Anne Swift talked about the future of the NUT
This is a very momentous year with the probable formation of a new union, the NEU, by the amalgamation of the NUT and ATL. I would urge you all to you to use your vote in the ballot currently taking place . To that end delegates from the Association attended a special conference in London in December where there was an overwhelming vote in favour of going forward with the new union.
So things will be very different , not immediately, but in the near future and our committee over the next year or two will have to reach out to ATL members so that we can all work together in what will be by far the biggest teachers union in the country. But there is nothing to stop you starting to talk now to the ATL members in your school about what will happen next and it is more important than ever that we have Reps in all our schools. This is something the new secretary will be looking into.
One thing that has changed is that up till recently the Essex Wells Fargo delivered posters etc to all schools except private and independent schools. That service has now ceased and it would be astronomically expensive to post to all our 130+ schools so now it is all done electronically to individual members

Yet again there were insufficient takers to go ahead with a Welcome Function so our Young teacher officer is exploring different options such as a July meeting for those taking up their new posts then.

Teachers leaving the profession is still a worry as there is a growing shortage of teachers which the Government has finally woken  up to. It  is often due to the workload and the constant pressure to meet management demands

Membership (numbers in brackets refer to this time last year)
There  are now 1688 (1695)members.  607 (603) are young teachers. We have 116 (120)  supply staff  and  189 (185)  retired teachers. I send a poster into school every May to encourage those retiring to stay in the union . Many of them do and are still active . Numbers remain similar to last year but there are weekly joiners and leavers and we are still the biggest Association in Essex

Casework The workload has been covered by John Pickard and Eric Charlton for Secondary schools and Pauline Price for Primary. Our thanks go them for what can be an arduous task.

Conferences We have sent representatives to the annual, education, young, black and retired and women’s’ teachers  conferences and have received reports from those who have attended.

Website John Pickard has continued to  update the website

Affiliations We are affiliated to:_
The National Assembly for Women
The Chelmsford Trade Council (if which I am a Vice Chair and John Pickard was until the AGM,  the Chair)

I represent the Association on the SERTUC Public Services, Women’s Rights (of which I am vice chair) and their pensioners committee and the TUC Pensioners committee. I have been nominated to represent the Eastern Region on the new Retired Teachers forum. Plus I am now attending the NAW meetings when I can.

I would like to thank all the officers and especially Chris Barton for his work in providing the minutes and sending out information to members.

Marion Wilson 1/03/2017


Next meeting: Monday December 10, 7pm All welcome