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Secretary’s Report to AGM, March 16, 2016

Secretary’s Report to the AGM 2016

Yet another busy year in terms of rallies and associated action. We have been  ‘on the streets’ to canvas about the Trade Union bill and the Cuts in Education funding. My thanks to all who have given up their time to do this

Meetings There were our usual 4 General Meetings, the AGM and a School  Reps meeting. In spite of sterling efforts by our young teacher officer there were insufficient takers to go ahead with a Welcome Function. Clearly we may need to try something ‘completely different’ and I’m sure Rob would be happy to hear your suggestions. Meeting topics ranged from a new union for all teachers, the problems facing supply teachers, the Trade Union bill and why teachers are leaving the profession Interesting that now there is a real chance of an amalgamation with ATL and there will be a memorandum on this at conference This will have far reaching effects at all levels including local associations. The Trade Union bill seeks to reduce the ability of unions to take strike action and although amendments have been made to the bill it is still going through. Teachers leaving the profession is a worry as there is a growing shortage of teachers. It  is often due to the workload and the constant pressure to meet management demands

Membership (numbers in brackets refer to this time last year) There  are now 1695 (1702)members.  603 (624) are young teachers  We have 120 (121)  supply staff  and 185 ( 176)  retired teachers. I send a poster into school every May to encourage those retiring to stay in the union . Many of them do and are still active . There is overall a slight drop compared to last year but there are weekly joiners and leavers and we are still the biggest Association in Essex

Casework Clive resigned in July and the workload has been covered by John Pickard and Eric Charlton for secondary and Pauline Price for Primary. I am glad to say that HQ has finally woken up to the fact that training is needed for new caseworkers

Conferences We have sent representatives to the annual, education, young, black and retired teachers  conferences and have received reports from those who have attended.

Website John Pickard has taken over the responsibility for updating the website

Affiliations We are affiliated to:_ The NPC The National Assembly for Women The Chelmsford Trade Council (if which I am a Vice President and John Pickard is the chair)

I represent the Association on the SERTUC Public Services, Women’s Rights (of which I am vice chair) and their pensioners committee. Plus I am now attending the NAW meetings when I can and would like to attend their AGM in May which is in Manchester.
I would like to thank all the officers and especially Chris Barton for his work in providing the minutes and sending out information to members.

Marion Wilson 15/03/2016


The meeting on Monday July 9th, 7pm All members welcome