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September 2015 Minutes

General Meeting of the Mid Essex Association

21 September 2015

Meeting opened at 7:05pm

  1. Minutes of the meeting on 25 June 2015 previously circulated

Minutes from previous meeting approved and seconded

  1. Matters arising

None arose

  1. Apologies

Helen Davenport and Jean Campbell

  1. Report: Education Conference ( previously circulated)

James Walker fed back to the meeting highlights of the conference along with his impressions.

Helen Davenport also attended.

  1. International Solidarity

James Walker commented on some of the issues raised and gave brief examples of action taking place in South Africa with regards to testing and in Indonesia and strike action in the primary school sector. John Pickard recommended to members present at the meeting for them to look at the Mid Essex association website for updates and background to issues and action taking place around the world.

  1. Conferences
  2. Retired teachers 13 October – Hamilton House – Marion Wilson to attend
  3. Lobby by supply teacher 28 October – Delegate to be nominated – names to Marion Wilson please
  4. Black teachers 13 to 15 November – Stoke Rochford – Chris Barton to attend
  5. Disabled teachers 28 November – Hamilton House – Delegate to be nominated – names to Marion Wilson please
  6. Annual Conference Brighton next Easter 25 to 29 March 2016 – Advance notice
  1. For Information: Guidance for reps in Academies on Facilities time

Guidance issued and circulated by email – Central funding an issue as academies may not have paid into the central fund – Jon Pickard requested that members need to find out and feedback

  1. AOB
  1. Case work – Clive Wilton has resigned and Pauline Price will take over Primary school work, John Pickard will cover Brentwood Secondary including Anglo European and Ormiston River and Eric Charlton will be responsible for Chelmsford Secondary including Sandon, The Plume and William de Ferrers.
  2. NUT Lobby of Parliament 18 November 2015 – Cuts Reversal – members encouraged to lobby the MP for their constituency to make their feelings and thought heard.
  3. New reps Course 7 – 11 February to be held in Ipswich – see Marion Wilson for more details.
  4. New signatories for expenses have been approved following the departure of Clive Wilton from the Mid Essex association committee.
  5. Emergency Motion (attached below) raised by Jonathan Woollard and seconded – In light of the anti – austerity policies and Jeremy Corbyn’s mandate to lead labour. Motion passed. Marion Wilson Abstained from the vote.
  6. Rob Howlett explained the format for the NQT welcome meeting and encouraged members to take NQT members packs to give out at school. Meeting to take place 15 October 2015.

Next meeting is on 15 October and is our Welcome Function for NQTS and those qualified in the last 3 years or new to the area.

We want a high turnout for this function – please encourage everyone you know to attend.

Meeting closed 7:35pm


Timed Business

Shelagh Kavanagh

Problems and Solutions facing Supply Teachers

How this affects full time staff

Shelagh Kavanagh delivered a very thorough presentation of the issues that face supply teachers. Full of information and a request to support a newly formed network, that would allow schools to directly work with potential supply teachers. The presentation was delivered with humour and thought provoking insight.

Chris Barton


The overwhelming election of Jeremy Corbyn as leader of the Labour Party is a hugely welcome development for everyone who opposes austerity, racism and war.The thousands who packed into halls across Britain to hear Jeremy are clearly looking for a new kind of politics that breaks with the pro-austerity consensus.

Some were established activists but many were young people from a generation that have faced the assault on

EMA, spiralling tuition fees and the rise of zero hours contracts. They have been inspired by the campaign’s message. After years where the Labour leadership often aped Tory policies the party now has a leader who is a socialist with a proven track record of standing in solidarity with those fighting against injustice and for peace.

His first act on being elected was to join the demonstration in support of refugees in London and to speak out in defence of the trade union movement and against the Tory Trade Union Bill. He won in an election where over

400,000 voted and he won almost 60 percent of the vote. This gives him a clear democratic mandate to carry out the polices that he put forward during the leadership contest.

Any attempt by the media, or politicians from either inside or outside Labour Party to undermine Jeremy Corbyn and the policies he represents flies in the face of what is clearly an overwhelming democratic mandate. Jeremy Corbyn’s victory has already sent shock waves through an establishment that for years has had the luxury of a political leadership on both sides of the House of Commons prepared to back austerity.

In Corbyn they see someone who stands for resistance to year after year of privatisation, cuts, and war. In short – policies that make the 99 percent pay for a crisis created by the 1 percent.

We call on on all those both inside and outside the Labour Party who support the pro-union, anti-austerity, anti-racist and anti-war policies that Jeremy Corbyn has put forward to stand up to any attempts to undermine his democratic right to lead the Labour Party and the programme he has supported.

[Initial signatories include:

Christine Blower (NUT General Secretary)

Mary Bousted (ATL General Secretary)

…and other TU general secretaries]

The meeting on Monday July 9th, 7pm All members welcome