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Turkish teachers’ appeal

An Appeal from Education International

Speak up for Turkish educators now!  

Education International has released an urgent action appeal for Turkey asking for worldwide action and financial solidarity with E?itim-Sen and the education community in this country.

According to Education International (EI) affiliate E?itim-Sen, on 29 October 2016, under the guise of the new emergency decree, another 10,131 public workers, among them 2,219 education personnel, were permanently dismissed from their duties. They included 616 E?itim-Sen members, 26 academics and 590 other education staff. The total number of dismissed education personnel that have lost their right to work in the Turkish education sector has reached 38,294. The number of dismissed academics is at 3,613.

Arbitrary dismissals, investigations, persecutions and arrests are taking place throughout the country virtually on a daily basis. An alarming 2,829 education staff, including 25 E?itim-Sen members, have been arrested and detained without trial. Legal proceedings have been initiated against 5,247 academics and 1,545 administration staff, in public and private higher education institutions. The number of suspended education employees is constantly changing.

Education International and its European regional structure, the European Trade Union Committee for Education (ETUCE), urge member organisations to continue showing solidarity with E?itim-Sen and the education community in Turkey and to raise awareness about the undemocratic and arbitrary actions of the Turkish authorities.

They are maintaining pressure on the Turkish Government so that it conforms to the rule of law and adheres to fundamental human and trade union rights and freedoms, international labour standards and women’s rights, in order to promote a better future for all Turkish children through quality education for all. An EI/ETUCE mission to Turkey is envisaged in February 2017, to monitor developments in Turkey and support E?itim-Sen in its efforts to preserve human and trade unions rights and fundamental freedoms.

To show financial solidarity with E?itim-Sen by making a contribution to the EI Solidarity Fund, and for more information about this urgent action appeal and the Turkish educators’ situation, please follow this link:

To support Turkish teachers:

  1. Send protest letters to the Turkish embassy to demonstrate that the international education community has not turned a blind eye to the Turkish authorities’ biased, undemocratic and discriminatory actions, and will continue to monitor the situation in the country.
  2. Support demonstrations in front of the Embassy of Turkey to raise awareness and promote trade union and human rights.
  3. Urge the UK Government to make all necessary efforts to put an end to endless arbitrary dismissals, investigations and arrests of Turkish education staff, and to recall that the Turkish government has committed itself to promoting freedom of expression, free speech and basic human rights and fundamental freedoms.
  4. Demonstrate financial solidarity with E?ITIM-SEN by making a contribution to the EI Solidarity Fund


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