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  • NUT Strike March 2014
    NUT Strike March 2014



Welcome to the NATIONAL EDUCATION UNION, Mid Essex NUT section!

From September 1st, all members of the National Union of Teachers now become members of the NATIONAL EDUCATION UNION. For a period of time, separate NUT associations, including the Mid-Essex NUT Association, will continue to function, as will branches of the ATL. In the longer term, it is hoped that there will be ‘unitary’ branches of the NEU, including former NUT and ATL members. For the time being, our website will continue to operate as ‘Mid-Essex NUT’. We hope that you will find the information on the website helpful; we are happy to have feedback from all members with ideas and suggestions on how we can improve it.


Disgraceful ONE PER CENT pay rise adds insult to injury

It’s astonishing that, in the midst of a crisis in teacher recruitment and retention, and just before the end of the school year, the government has announced an annual pay rise for September of just 1%. See the full NUT newsletter here, and print it out for your NUT staffroom notice-board.


New Essex NUT WOMEN’S Facebook group set up

We are pleased to announce the start of the newly formed Essex NUT Women’s Network group. We are actively seeking female members of the association to join us. Follow this link for details.

The Association meeting originally planned for Monday May 21st is POSTPONED. The next meeting will by July 9th, at the Orange Tree Pub, Lower Anchor Street, Chelmsford, beginning at 7pm

Unfortunately, perhaps due to it being too close to the GCSE exam season, not many members were able to attend on the original planned date and so the meeting for May 21st needed to be postponed. The next meeting will by July 9th. An agenda will be published in due course.

Those members who attend can book a drink and a meal. Please let our secretary, Chris Barton, know that you are coming so he can book the correct number of meals. Chris can be contacted on:


Interactive Map of SCHOOL CUTS in your area!

The NUT and ATL have jointly published an interactive map to show the impact of funding cuts on schools. It shows how the Government’s funding freeze and cost increases and the impact of a new funding formula will affect each individual school. Follow the link to find your school and schools near you. See press release on Cuts to ESSEX SCHOOLS.

Getting involved in the Union:

The Union can help you become more engaged, informed and involved if you can tell us more about yourself. What sector do you work in? Are you full-time or part-time? What are your equality characteristics? Your information will help us target details of exclusive NUT events, campaigns and activities which may interest you and it will ensure that you don’t miss your chance to vote in equality constituency seat elections for the National Executive.

So tell us more – it’s easy to do and you will reap the rewards. Simply check and update your details at You can follow our quick-step-guide.

For information on security, see our Data Protection statement at

For further information, follow this link.


US teachers strike wave

Although they work in states where strikes are not legal for teachers, there have been very big strikes of teachers in West Virginia, Oklahoma, Ohio, Arizona and Colorado. Teachers are also striking in Puerto Rica this week too. Some of these states have had large numbers of schools closed and in many cases the teachers are winning their demands.

Teachers are not only demanding pay increases, but also – with great public support – increased expenditure on schools, which are becoming more and more delapidated due to expenditure cuts. The following is an article in the Guardian, but there are many other reports in the British mainstream media and on social media.






Who Else is Who

Who Else is Who

The Mid Essex Teachers’ Association is a local association of the National Union of Teachers. It is organised locally by its Executive Committee and is affiliated to the Essex Division of the NUT. The school representative is normally your first point of contact.
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Get Involved

Leaflet your parents , lobby  or email your M.P. to explain why we are striking. To do this go to / Click here to read more

Message from our President

Message from our President

We are living in historic times with the overwhelming vote to join with ATL to form a new union , the NEU.
As a local Association we must look to how we will work together with our ATL colleagues from September 2017

The meeting on Monday July 9th, 7pm All members welcome