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  • NUT Strike March 2014
    NUT Strike March 2014



Welcome to the Mid Essex Teachers’ Association

Our hope is that you will find all the help and information that you need from your local association so please explore the website and links and let us know how we can improve it.


Disgraceful ONE PER CENT pay rise adds insult to injury

It’s astonishing that, in the midst of a crisis in teacher recruitment and retention, and just before the end of the school year, the government has announced an annual pay rise for September of just 1%. See the full NUT newsletter here, and print it out for your NUT staffroom notice-board.


New Essex NUT WOMEN’S Facebook group set up

We are pleased to announce the start of the newly formed Essex NUT Women’s Network group. We are actively seeking female members of the association to join us. Follow this link for details.

The next Association meeting will be on Monday June 19th at the Orange Tree.  7pm

Post election up-date – what next for teachers and education?

Those members who attend can book a drink and a meal. Please let our treasurer, Heather Drake, know that you are coming so she can book the correct number of meals. Heather is on 07881 987856 or e-mail at

NUT Annual conference, Cardiff, Easter 2017

The delegates from Mid-Essex Association (pictured here) will be compiling a collective report of the conference which will appear on this website in due course. Link to conference newsletter.

Delegates left to right: Chris Barton, Marion Wilson, Helen Davenport, Chris Evans, Heather Drake.

Joint ATL/NUT survey on teachers’ pay.

Please complete this year’s national survey on teachers’ pay which NUT is again conducting jointly with ATL.

The survey provides essential information on how the Government’s extension of performance related pay and dismantling of the national pay structure is affecting teachers. It won’t take long to complete so please do it now if you can.

This year’s survey will again be a vital part of our work to protect teachers’ pay. Last year’s survey report showed that the Government’s changes had already cut rates of pay progression for all teachers and affected certain groups in particular. It also showed that teachers continued to reject PRP and increasingly saw the new pay system as unfair.

Interactive Map of SCHOOL CUTS in your area!

The NUT and ATL have jointly published an interactive map to show the impact of funding cuts on schools. It shows how the Government’s funding freeze and cost increases and the impact of a new funding formula will affect each individual school. Follow the link to find your school and schools near you. See press release on Cuts to ESSEX SCHOOLS.

Union Survey on Asbestos in Schools.

Message from Kevin Courtney, General Secretary:

We contacted you a couple of weeks ago, asking you to complete a short NUT survey to share evidence about how asbestos is being managed in your school. Responses will help us better target our campaign to protect staff and children and put pressure on the Government.

In 2014, 17 teachers died of mesothelioma, a cancer caused exclusively by exposure to asbestos. Because of the long latency period of this disease, children are at risk in later life and it is estimated that between 200 and 300 adults die every year because of exposure to asbestos as school children.

If you haven’t already done so, please complete the survey here – it will only take a few minutes.

Even if you know that your school does not contain asbestos, or are unsure about this, the survey seeks your views on other general issues in relation to asbestos in schools and highlights some important health and safety messages.

Annual Conference 2017: Priority Motions as selected by votes of NUT Associations.

Follow this link to see report on priority motions for Annual Conference, Easter, 2017.

An appeal from ‘Education International’

Speak up for Turkish educators now!  

Education International has released an urgent action appeal for Turkey asking for worldwide action and financial solidarity with Eitim-Sen and the education community in this country, who are suffering massive and unwarranted suspensions, arrests and suppression. For further details, follow this link.

Multi-Academy Trust plans defeated

There has been some very good news about the Government’s plans for maintained schools. The Government has announced that it will not bring forward its proposed Education for All Bill during this Parliamentary session.

The legislation would have forced all maintained schools to convert to academy status as part of multi-academy trusts (MATs) by 2022 if the council failed to meet a “minimum performance threshold” or where it had reached a “tipping point” in terms of the number of academies. Full report, follow link.

Report of Retired Teachers’ Conference

Follow this link for a report of the above conference.


A special one-day NUT conference was held in London on November 5 to discuss proposals for the amalgamation of the two teaching unions, ATL and NUT. The briefing paper on this can be read on this link.

Getting involved in the Union:

The Union can help you become more engaged, informed and involved if you can tell us more about yourself. What sector do you work in? Are you full-time or part-time? What are your equality characteristics? Your information will help us target details of exclusive NUT events, campaigns and activities which may interest you and it will ensure that you don’t miss your chance to vote in equality constituency seat elections for the National Executive.

So tell us more – it’s easy to do and you will reap the rewards. Simply check and update your details at You can follow our quick-step-guide.

For information on security, see our Data Protection statement at

For further information, follow this link.

Calais solidarity trip

Jon Woollard gives his impressions of a trip made by trade unionists, including NUT members, to the refugee camp Calais in October. Follow this link. 

Bye-bye base-line!

The Government has announced another U-turn and has backed down on base-line testing after spending millions of pounds introducing the scheme to reception classes. This is a victory for the campaign which brought together the NUT, the ATL, early years and parents’ organisations. The Government has come to the conclusion – as we been arguing and campaigning for months – that the tests are unreliable and pointless. Teachers want assessment that supports learning, not accountability measures. Learning from the base-line campaign: see NEWS page

NUT Supply teachers’ Charter

The NUT Charter for Supply Teachers sets out the Union’s aspirations for its supply teacher members and the steps which the Union believes necessary to achieve them. Follow this link to get a copy:

Exam factories or learning for life?

Government decisions about how to measure schools are turning schools into exam factories. This is harming children and their life chances. Join the NUT campaign at

Government Education Policy in disarray:

Government education policy is in disarray. The pressure built up by the NUT in alliance with other organisations has led to the Education Bill, with its proposals for forced academisation, being dropped. Read the NUT response here.

Ofsted Publication

Ofsted have republished their “myth-busting” advice – this time with some videos and a commentary from Sean Harford. It can be found on this link:

There is some useful stuff here to remind members in schools that we can challenge some practices forced upon them in the name of “It’s what Ofsted want to see.”

Guidance on winning Acceptable Pay policy:

  • Guidance on Winning an Acceptable pay policy

    … on pay progression for teachers. It explains how to take action if necessary to secure a fair pay policy in your school. You and your … workload through interim reviews for all. The guidance stops short of advising that there should be no interim reviews during the appraisal …





Who Else is Who

Who Else is Who

The Mid Essex Teachers’ Association is a local association of the National Union of Teachers. It is organised locally by its Executive Committee and is affiliated to the Essex Division of the NUT. The school representative is normally your first point of contact.
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Get Involved

Leaflet your parents , lobby  or email your M.P. to explain why we are striking. To do this go to / Click here to read more

Message from our President

Message from our President

We are living in historic times with the overwhelming vote to join with ATL to form a new union , the NEU.
As a local Association we must look to how we will work together with our ATL colleagues from September 2017

Next Meeting: Monday June 19th, 7pm All members welcome